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"There is not limit to what we, as women can accomplish" says Michelle Obama. When creating the " LA SAVANE" Capsule Collection, I was highly inspired with all the powerful women that has accomplish big things throughout history. As a woman myself, I have to say how much I admire our gender and our power, often we forget how stronger we are together and how much we should always support each other and rise each other up, I believe we should make love to each other lol!

Designing this Collection was more than a passion, it was a way to express my feelings and emotions through Art. It was really important for me that every single women wearing "Little Croissants Swim" feels unique, powerful and rebel! 

That's how I have found the names of every single piece in my collection by reading and researching about the women that helped us gain all this freedom we have nowadays. Remember, once upon a time, we weren't as free as we are today. 

So you are going to ask me why Coco? Why Rosalind? Why Ada? Why Beauvoir? Why Sally? Why Oprah and why Ladivine? 

Because Coco Chanel went from misery to one of the richest Creator of her generation. She became an icon in the fashion world, and changed the perception of a woman through the way she was dressed. She has dressed the Modern woman, the one we are today and made the Parisian Woman reputation by being refined and sophisticated.

Because Rosalind Franklin is known for her role in the discovery of the structure of the DNA and for her pioneering use of X-ray diffraction. 

Because Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer, in an industry still dominated by men its striking that the first programmer was a woman. Her skills in mathematical algorithms and analytical engineering bestow upon her the title of the first computer programmer by many. 

Because Simone De Beauvoir is one of the most powerful woman in history. She had a decisive influence on the evolution of post-war feminism and as she says "One is not born but becomes a Woman".

Because Sally Ride was not only the first American Woman to go to space but she was also the youngest astronaut to have made the trip! See how incredible we are as Women!

Because Oprah Winfrey was the youngest person and first African-American woman to read the main news on channel in America at the age of 19. She has done a huge amount of charity work donating millions on her own money, some people think she should be the next US President. She is inspiring me everyday and played an important role in my choice of donating some money to charity with "Little Croissants Swim" sales. 

Because Sarah Bernhardt known as "LA DIVINE" was the greatest Actress of all time and the first actress that dared play male roles, she is the first woman to perform sport on film and to commission her own role on film. Rebellious and dangerous she transgresses even contemporary definitions of "female achievement".

When wearing "Little Croissants Swimwear", you feel the same way as all these women unstoppable and outrageous. It's time for the most empowering species to wake up, it's time for the best nation to lead and express themselves.

Be You, Go Gal! Get it!


Merci XX

Little Croissants Swim


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